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Dedicated for Somaliland politics and affairs.

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Postby Siciid85 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:43 pm


UCID - Xisbiga Caddaaladda iyo Daryeelka ee Somaliland

Justice and Welfare Party

Somaliland Republic :sland: :sland:

History and Achievements

Background of UCID Party

The formation of the UCID Party emerged from series of political discussions and debates among the Somaliland intellectuals in the Diaspora, particularly living in the Scandinavian countries to sustain the process of state building and democratization process in Somaliland. Engineer Faisal Ali Warabe who was living in Helsinki, the capital city of Finland together with few other Somalilanders initiated the formation of the party. Prior to this, Engineer Faisal was active in the peace reconciliation meetings inside and outside the country. Engineer Faisal eventually became the chairman of the party after the party was officially formed in Hargeisa in 2001.

UCID leaders and supporters campaigned hard and succeeded to register UCID as the first opposition political organization in Somaliland in November 2001, after UDUB, the governmental political Organization founded by late president Egal. This is one of the reasons that both the democratization process in Somaliland and the prevailing peace is highly attributed to the UCID party and its leader, Engineer Faisal Ali Warabe.

There was a consensus among the UCID party supporters that since 1960 Somaliland was suffering from lack of proper leaders having leadership qualities.


Justice and Welfare party (UCID) is a centre left party which has many similarities with Scandinavian social democratic parties and other western European countries. It has a broad and comprehensive political programs aimed to transform Somaliland society from impoverished, war-torn, and underdeveloped country to a modern social democratic state.

Welfare and Justice Party is a reformist Democratic Party aiming with the embodiment of Islam and ethical socialism. UCID policy objective are:

to make Somaliland a modern democratic welfare state which brings national policies closer to the people,
to strengthen the human rights of every citizen and,
to make the government more responsive, transparent and accountable,
The above factors are meant to produce a society based on equality and justice for all its citizens.

Achievements of the Party

UCID party had contributed many new ideas to the country, since most of its leaders and supporters resided some period of their time, educated and worked in the developed industrialized Democratic countries of Western Europe. UCID leaders have been inspired and encouraged to introduce these values to their system of governance while the party is taking into account Islamic values and teachings as well as the tradition of the society (social contract – xeer). Many of UCID leaders went to universities in the west and have learned the history of the democracy of these countries and their different ways to successful social and economic progress. There is also good Islamic background not to lose the balance, since the Somaliland society is 100% Muslims.

Specific Achievements of the Party

UCID party had vigorously campaigned for the peace of Somaliland and played an active role in the Somaliland Peace Committee of 1994/ 1996 at the wake of Somaliland’s domestic war, the current chairman of UCID was a member of the committee and its spokesperson.
UCID supporters played a crucial role in the Somaliland\s Constitutional Referendum in May 2001, which 97% of the electorates voted for the democratic constitution which enshrined the independence of Somaliland and the multiparty democratic system.
UCID had again fought strongly to implement the constitution and the introduction of the multiparty system to the country. Many Somaliland politicians were reluctant to introduce political parties at that stage. These politicians were willing to continue the system of Grand clan assembly of Shire Beeled. The system have the ingredients in hindering Somaliland government to make any decisive decisions for social development and progress.
The traditional leaders began to undermine the weak infant government whenever they saw their personal interest was threatened. At times, some of these traditional leaders even endangered the very existence of Somaliland by participating without the mandate of either Somaliland government or its people in the so called Somalia reconciliation conferences organized by the International Community for the Somali factions and warlords.

UCID Party succeeded of having 21 seats in the parliament as a result of the parliamentary election. More importantly, UCID Party succeeded in winning the chairperson of the Somaliland parliament and Abdirahman Iro, one of the founders of the party became the chairperson of the Somaliland parliament. This was a huge success for members and supporters of UCID inside and outside the country.
The party has already achieved tremendous victory in the local government elections whereby the only female in local government is from UCID party .
On many occasions, the party and its leader, Engineer Faisal Ali Warabe was a catalyst, mediator or instrumental in the political disputes and contributed a balancing actions and decisions. For instance, UCID party contributed on the solution on the impasse after the presidential outcome in 2003. This step was very important since, the other opposition party (Kulmiye) was not ready to concede defeat. Somalilanders still recall the significant statement of UCID party on that historical juncture. On another occasion, the country remembers the crucial debate regarding the extension of term of the president when this term expired in mid 2008. It was UCID Party which is credited to the settlement of this important national issue.
UCID party campaigned for the registration of Somaliland citizens while other political parties were either skeptical or unwilling to its introduction and implementations. The foreign sponsors of voter registration system very appreciated the role of UCID party in this regard.
The party and its leadership has undisputed record of campaigning for the recognition of Somaliland. They participated and lobbied in many international conferences, in North America, Europe and Africa.
UCID is engaged charitable institutions and programs by making provisions to the disadvantaged and needy.
UCID grants sponsorship to a number of university students from different sectors of society especially from minority communities and women.
UCID party encouraged, motivated and inspired Somaliland intellectuals in the Diaspora to be active in political and social participation in their country.
UCID party embarked institutionalization of the party from the bottom. Even the international observers characterized UCID as the only political party with political structure and ideology in line with the modern western political parties.

Because of the attraction of its program, UCID has attracted thousands of women and youth nationwide and they have already contributed to the achievements of the party.

UCID has established international cooperation with international socialist (IS) networks and others.
UCID is the only political party in the country that has distributed thousands of written copies of the party’s political program after holding seminars for supporters especially youth and women
UCID has received invaluable awards from different sectors of the Somaliland Non-state Actors (Civil society) where the latest has been received from the Somaliland minority organizations (Gaboye Organizations).

Mustafa Abdullahi Aden

Xoghayaha Siyaasada iyo Hirgelinta Barnaamijyada


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