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Tossing and turnin

Galmudug General Discussions
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Joined: Mon May 13, 2019 10:24 pm

Tossing and turnin

Postby ylq » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:32 am

Tossing and turning, my mind is filled with thick darkness Newport 100S. The eyes and heart are tired, but they can't slip even if they only have a shallow sleepiness Marlboro Lights. The more I want to fall asleep, the more I sleep. Everything started to rise on the head, and the branches and leaves spread across all directions. This kind of moment would rather just listen to the sound of the clock engraving time, just quietly staring at the darkness a little bit thicker, and then a little bit lighter. For a long time, I didn��t stick to what my heart searched. Perhaps deep and shallow happiness and sorrow are still flakes there. Is it escaping? I think this is exactly the face Marlboro Gold. It is a way of avoiding everyone and looking directly at the red strip without any cover. But in fact, sometimes the heart is gently held by a slightly cold hand, but it is slightly painful. The red blood vessels that appear on the white eyeballs are clearly visible, without paying attention to the past and the darkness. Just as the stylus sings through the soundtrack of the record, the thoughts clearly clear the details of some of the stories - the history is still deep is that those who are not as good as the past, the wind is too scattered. Those who exist, dodge but are entangled. Those beings are as real as they were when they never felt it, but they did not stop. Those who are not there are expanding, but they are quietly deep in their hearts. Those who exist are like rain falling from the sky, falling finely on my hair, in my palm, dampening my eyes. It is no longer a group of clay that can be kneaded at will, leaving a trace of every new experience. It is no longer black and white in the eyes Carton Of Cigarettes, no place to reconcile. But it is not without the arrogance of exquisiteness, but just dare not use the cleanliness of the heart to challenge the turbidity of the world. Therefore, there is a lot of feeling of detachment from the body Wholesale Cigarettes. Indifferent, indifferent, so light that the sounds of collapse are constantly echoing in the ears. Custom masks generally lack expression faces. Not like, just habit, just a habit of self-willedness, just a habit of indulgence of self-willedness. that is it. However, behind the calm, there will be full of humiliation, shock, confusion, and despair. So I always expect to have a light, steady feeling that I am almost flooded. It is clear when it filters out all impurities. Clear? The world has always changed in places I don't know until it is irretrievable - sleep, sleep again.


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