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"A five-year university

Galmudug General Discussions
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"A five-year university

Postby ylq » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:33 am

"A five-year university graduation will determine your development in the next decade, your life in the next 20 years, and your position in the next 30 years!" This is a similar sentence that I heard when I was not in college. The reason why I took this topic is because this five years is not suitable for you now! Who is this source of five years? It is after eighty, not now that you are after ninety. Everyone should have read a lot of articles about the gap after five years of graduation. None of these articles contain a sentence. That is what the working emperor Tang Jun said. "Don't say whether you can give me more wages in the first five years. The most important thing is what you can learn in the enterprise. It is good for development." To be honest, graduate now. You haven't really done it for five years! You have to believe that it is not five years Parliament Cigarettes, or even three years of graduation, you will be different from your classmates. The reason why some articles have written five years after graduation is the best time to cultivate internal strength. It is because after eight years of graduating, the choice is to go to work. And now you are not, now is not after 90, the polarization after the 1990s, more serious than after 80. Looking through the five-year-old articles, their focus is not on graduation! Because they didn't have a face to say what they did in college, what they learned to face this society. So they gave themselves five years to face the society and read my article for so long! As a college student, are you still going to graduate like a short man? I think it is definitely not. In fact, no article has been written wrong. Now I have not said that it is wrong to open the gap five years after graduation. Just not suitable for us now Marlboro Cigarettes, not suitable for the current ninety-nine. No money (How much is the rich second generation after the 1990s?) There is no experience (the thinking after the 1990s and the experience before graduation is much more than after the 80s?) No experience (that please ask me about the poles) Where does the differentiation come from Carton Of Cigarettes, there seems to be no difference after the 1980s, there is no social relationship (now the records taken after the 1990s, how many parents find jobs for their children). Seeing the above paragraph, would you still want to open the gap in five years of graduation? You have been confused for at least two years or even longer in these five years, but if you read my "Question: University University, how do you make me good?" "Solution: College students, how can you save your university?" "There are three articles in the "Upgrading: Five years of graduation, the gap is outdated", your university has already taken a step ahead! This is not a college graduate, you still have to be confused! If you haven't graduated from the article, I am lucky to tell you that you can lead many people and even me mokingusacigarettes.com. This is not a lie, I will not let you still be confused after graduation, and will not say that you feel that you feel fear after graduation. This is no longer a problem for you now and beyond. Five years of graduation, in fact, has long been a hot topic. Just like I was a year ago, with my code of 1993, I was able to shake the market. How long can I still hold the code of 1993? So it is wrong to give you five years. If you want to give yourself five years, it is not right. There is also a law in this society, that is, successful people are working harder and more, and those who fail are giving up more and more. In fact, when you graduated, your first job has already determined your development in a few years. "If you graduate from college, you take one or two thousand a month, three years later you get seven or eight thousand a month, I believe everyone will praise you! But if you graduate from college, you take five or six thousand a month, After three years, you will take seven or eight thousand ones. I believe everyone will look down on you!" Do you think this is the truth? When you get a number in your first job Marlboro Red, you will make a higher plan for your next three years and work hard! It is especially important that your source of effort is one or two thousand a month or five or six thousand a month. So at the beginning, you have decided the gap between you and your classmates in the next few years, not after graduation.


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