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The 1980s Medina, Political frustrations, the Darood being blind, and the final bang.

Daily chitchat on Somali politics.

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The 1980s Medina, Political frustrations, the Darood being blind, and the final bang.

Postby Kacdoon » Fri May 22, 2020 9:11 am

I am going to explain why the war came to Mogadishu and it has nothing to do with the USC, the war was a public civilian uprising that began in december 1990. Aideed arrived later.

In the early 1980s senior government employees with Darood background began building their own gated community in the old Abgaal area Medina, but unlike the old improvised neighborhoods this new build Medina who will later be renamed " Maamuska Medina " will have good upper middle class villas where life was enjoyed to new levels. I am not talking about the infamous "Booli Qaran" neighborhood which was also located in Maamuska Medina, there were also a much bigger area in Maamuska called " Xaafada Xoosh " which was few km away from Booli Qaran. In this Xoosh area villa after villa inhabited by one clan began to appear. The only Hawiye you will meet here will be the maids, garden boys, the driver, in Maamuska it was normal to visit Abu Dhabi in the weekends so the kids could take part in ice skating hobbies. In the garage the latest sports car will be parked to the 17 year old kids in the family. There will be a competition among the residents who could get the latest design into their home. Air condition and Swimming pools were the new normals. Then they began hiring Europeans as nannies for the kids. Mogadishu became a city of two worlds. The rest of the city could not make ends meet. That is why the war came and the USC just tapped into those frustrations nothing to do with hatred and clannism. The Maamuska was a gated community with private guards that viewed the rest of the city as forginers. The females were wearing the latest western fashion. The rest of the city knew never to get into trouble with someone from Maamuska unless you wanted to visit the jail for few years. If they gave you an order you did it immediately . I worked as a handyman in my teens in the 1980s of Maamuska and life were unbelievable good in the area the tropical well keep gardens will hide whitewashed villas. And behind those gated walls swimming pools will be filled with the kids of the family and cold drinks will be served from the maids. If they had only looked out from their sports cars when they drove though the city they will had seen the hardship and they will had been spared themself to flee in late 1990.


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