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Kheyrlaawe & Xaarmaajo

Daily chitchat on Somali politics.

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Kheyrlaawe & Xaarmaajo

Postby mahadalla » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:25 pm

Waa labadii qof ee ugu liitay uguna dhaqanka xumaa ee Soomara Soomaaliya.

1. The people they represent Murudsade & Mareexaan are the bottom who have no deegaan and is either control by AS or are refugees under Ethiopia and Kenya.

2. (A)Kheyrlaawe is tustusida isla wayni iyo ixtiraam la'aan uu ku hayey inta qof ee la shaqeysay waa ninkii Xitaa Dumarka Hooyo Soomaaliyed dartii uga tagtay kursigeediii wasiirnimo who can forget maama Dr. Maryan Qaasim Axmed oo isku casishay dhaqan xumada Kheyrlaawe

(B) Xaarmaajo waa handicap waa ka sii liita Kheyrlaawe dhanwalba, labaduba dadkoodii oo dawarsada ayey waqtigoodii ku dhameysadteen qiyaali is tus tus iyo riyo kunoolaasho

Maanta Gedo Ciyaalkii Xamar laga Qaaday iyo Alshabaab iyo Ethiopian ayaa ku xaara , Galhareerina Murudsade waa kkaqaxay oo waa wada Qaxooti

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Re: Kheyrlaawe & Xaarmaajo

Postby barbarossa » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:49 pm

The therapeutic benefits of venting out in so public a manner must be immense.

SomaliNet Heavyweight
SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: Kheyrlaawe & Xaarmaajo

Postby gobdoon » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:35 am

Could you have chosen your words carefully, you probably live in the west, right and you are somali
Side bad dad somali u kala sarsari oo u leeyahay Anaga iyo Iyaga
Adeer Somali wa somali, waxa a la raba in qabyalada laga tago oo somali nimada la weyneyo, somali 15 million ma dhama markasa wadankana intas Le eg oo ka weyn si nabad ah loogu Nolan la'a yahay, wadamada kale sida Indiya ayago boqolal Milyan oo kala diin ah Bay inaka horeyan


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