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There was Mooge alright, but he wasn Farmaajo. It was Sahal and Oppo.

Daily chitchat on Somali politics.

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There was Mooge alright, but he wasn Farmaajo. It was Sahal and Oppo.

Postby Voltage » Sat Aug 01, 2020 8:56 pm

i respect Murax for acknowledging he was wrong on Kheyre.

The way Kheyre was ousted was an illegitimate one it was not in the parliament agenda and he was never given a chance to defend himself like Saacid and Yuulka read their statements in the parliament

also Farmaajo appointed the deputy speaker as caretaker pm wich is unlawful and against the atricle 103 of the constitution
1. Don't even try it Sahal. The last time you made me crack a smile on this subject, I literally had to provide chronological visuals to spray perfume over the farts. Unfortunately you did not enter my topic once even though I repeatedly baited you while online. This time, I am less harsh because I know that you know you were pretty much wrong about every single thing about Farmaajo's Presidency.

{Notice as a very concise person, I am forgeing even linking the topic in question. Not a mistake}

2. I was browsing on the Vote day and my interpretation of Murax's good sport was double sided. 1.) it was relevant ro your day-to-day conversations including what you may even have discussed the same morning while news unfolding. 2.) For a guy who spent his entire preceding 4 years revolving around "Mooge the powerless, irrelevant Faqash" whatever you thought you were arguing you can have it while Murax laughed to the bank.

3. Finally, whatever the justification for the Vote of No Confidence, it was a signal of COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN THE TOTAL OWNERSHIP OF POWER.

It was the single most effective execution of Executive power in the POLITICAL process of Somalia since 1991.

I mean there is no way to get around just how commanding the display was. When, in hindsight, we now look back, even the naming of the Prime Minister under the conditions of 4.5 was emblematic of the type of strength in leadership Farmaajo would bring to the table.

Even though it makes me very uncomfortable in terms of forming checks and balances, I do not resent Farmaajo's motivations as a political actor. Remember when people started talking about Kheyre amd running for President? My consistent position has been "Kheyre wasn't from an orphanage in Farmaajo's home, he has every right to seek the Presidency as a political actor." I believe in realpolitik sxb. Political actors have every right to be ambitious and even vengeful when felt betrayed.

The problem for you is unlike Murax, I have stopped having day-to-day conversations for some months and my vantage point with is wide---very, very wide.

Copying a news aggregate early in the morning of the same day the random Vote happened is hardly even on my radar.

You have changed your position on basically every single thing including supporting Kheyre as your savior all because of one. single. position. Namely who could best interfere with the ability of Farmaajo Presidency to wield any power.

The swift, cold, and brutal execution of PM Kheyre's Vote of No Confidence is ironically the most powerful moment of Farmaajo Presidency thus far.

And here I thought Mooge was sleeping with Kheyre having the council of Ministers and yhe largest number of current parliament in support of an individual.

There was a Mooge alright but he wasn't Farmaajo.

It was you and those you support.

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Re: There was Mooge alright, but he wasn Farmaajo. It was Sahal and Oppo.

Postby sahal80 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 10:10 pm

kkkk yaa ku dhahay kheyraa xil laga qaaday? he resigned bc it was unlawful and he made big mistake for accepting asagoo og in aan wax laga qaadin

mooshinka wuxuu u baahanyahay

1-in jadwal loo sameeyo
2-in laga doodo
3- in pm is daafaco

waxaa leedahay saan hada ka hor ma dhicin since 91 your right bc have been nurtured by dictorship and inqilaab

maanta hawiye saacado ay farmaajo ku burin karaan laakin waa dad sharci ku taagan they cant wait until his term ends then they will eat him alive

Saacid moyaadan xusuusan statemetgiisii? xassan sheekh aa waxaa la simee nin sharci aan wax ka aqoon. i hate hassan sh but gaal dil gartiisana sii

2-kheyre inuu dalka ka talin jiray waxaa daliila sida la isugi goobtay even his cabinet hates him for the way he was treating them and dam jadiid and madasha

he was not even in Xamar sidii tuugii aa hal mar gacmaha la taagay bisinka ar ninka sideey uga baqayaan caadi maaha

100kii madasha ee gacmaha taagaayey ma farnaajey kalsooni siiyeen warninkaan qabiil suu madax uga darday aqoontiisa waalagu khaasey markaasuu kuleeyahay history book aan qoraa waa ninka kala saari la unholy alliance and "confidence in farmaajo" what a joke "your book" will be

ugu danbayn kheyre mooge jalmad uusan iska saari karin ayuu madaxa u galiyay waana dhuusamareeb2 5 bilood oo u hartey asagoo iska dabawareegaya oo jalmadaas madaxa ugu jirto oon la aqoon sanayn ayuu waqtiga uga dhaan waa noo balan voltageoow ee ha cararin xiliga xabadu yeerto kkkk

that is why Kheyre is my savior having put jalmad in your mooge head kkk see you in few months with the jalmad still in your head and less the HG shark eats before that


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Re: There was Mooge alright, but he wasn Farmaajo. It was Sahal and Oppo.

Postby Caytame » Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:22 pm

What happened? you aren't busy writing a book anymore now that the tide seems to have turned in favor of farmaajo? :lol:
no doubt you'll be back to being busy as soon as things flip again. :lol:

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SomaliNet Heavyweight
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Re: There was Mooge alright, but he wasn Farmaajo. It was Sahal and Oppo.

Postby ReturnOfMariixmaan » Sun Aug 02, 2020 6:00 pm

Jaale Farmaajo is here.



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