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Election commission issues fines against Puntland ruling party for organzing riot in tiny village

Daily chitchat on Somali politics.

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Election commission issues fines against Puntland ruling party for organzing riot in tiny village

Postby TarTar » Sat Oct 16, 2021 11:56 pm

so Pland be holding an election in 3 villages. only. Eyl, Ufeyn, n a 3rd village I can't even remember. tha elections r officially called tijaba or practice election.

so naturally tha ruling party went all out to win tha tijaba election. even blatantly violate elections ethics

http://allbalcad.net/2021/10/16/guddiga ... eyne-deni/

niggas organized huge riot in a tiny village

"Ururka ayaa lagu helay in maalin uusan laheyn isku soo bax uu sameeyay"

so da Puntland elections commission had no choice but to fine governor Deni's political party


normally I would say Farmajo n Roble advisors tell ur boys to send federal election monitors to Pland. but dis time I'ma say Somaliland should help his ex parnter Somalia. help tha ex italian colony's federal province of Pland learn about democratic elections. we don't want governor Deni to hold rigged elections dat provoke tha ISIS guys who xecuted Puntland mayors recently. terrorism could be tha blowback from angry n desperate Puntland residents upset over rigged elections

Somaliland don't want 1 of their 5 Somalia federal provinces falling to ISIS. Somaliland may have divorced Somalia but that don't mean we can't help 'em learn democracy


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