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Cagders bluff Afars

Daily chitchat on Somali politics.

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Cagders bluff Afars

Postby noer » Sat Aug 13, 2022 11:24 pm

cagder liberation front spokesman on Afars attacking Isse

afhayenka jabhadda cagder o yidhi: wan u tiludhnay. wan u samirnay [cafarta]

nigga u can't breath witout pernission from Abiy or his busboy cagjar :pac: how u gonna save Isee from Afars


my nigga djiboutawi what you got to say? governor cagjar is an albatross on sitti's neck. but onlf are flies. maybe sittishould be their own state. like sidama. sitt stare. hawd n reserve state. cagder state. me tink isse, dolbahanta, isak, jidwak, n other tribes gotta rethink leaving their security to cagder liyu militias. or onlf. it was onlf who out dire dewa under oromoland

last point. a shoutout to the stealth cagderland named bashe19. he is cagderlander who oretend to be marehan. i told him to keep idoor out his mouth. but he never listens. ur welcome


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