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Yuri Nesterenko and the viewpoint of an antisexual man !!!!!

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Yuri Nesterenko and the viewpoint of an antisexual man !!!!!

Postby Daanyeer » Mon Feb 19, 2007 3:25 pm

..................“falling in love quite appropriate” as “to fall is to degrade. Nothing called ‘falling’ can be good.”

....."His group accepts the necessity of the (very small number) of sexual activities specifically performed for reproduction "

Source: mensdaily
February 18, 2007
Vox Populi, Family, Feminism, Mating, Marriage & Divorce
By Denise Noe

There is a general cultural tendency to associate antisexualism with women. We think of the rigidly repressed religious fanatic and the antisexual feminist extremist. However, antisexuals can, and do, include men. In the case of the antisexual man with whom I am best acquainted, neither religious fanaticism nor radicalism feminism factors into his beliefs.

For several years, I have had the pleasure of counting Yuri Nesterenko as an Internet friend. A computer programmer, writer, and amateur pilot, the energetic and multi-faceted Yuri is also the founder of a group called the International Antisexual Movement and the webmaster of the Antisexual Stronghold.

He strongly opposes both romantic love and any sexual arousal or activity except the minimum necessary to sustain population. The FAQ section of his website gives his reasons for opposing sex: “Because sex is similar to drugs, both in physical and social effects. It places primitive instincts higher than intellect [and thus] a human being – a sentient being – turns into a primitive animal. The system of priorities suffers deformation.” He acknowledges that sex is natural but notes that “natural doesn’t mean good. Diseases and death are also natural.”

Does antisexualism mean the extinction of the species? His group accepts the necessity of the (very small number) of sexual activities specifically performed for reproduction although it looks forward to greater development of non-sexual reproductive technologies.

Yuri is not opposed to all emotion as he writes, “There is nothing bad in feeling satisfaction by a well-done job, artwork, intellectual communication. But emotions that originate in primitive instincts and fog the mind really must not exist.”

The classic “women’s” view on sex supposedly says that it must be fused with romantic love. By contrast, Yuri condemns romantic love equally with promiscuity. In private correspondence with this writer, Yuri has written that he is sometimes still told that he is destined to “fall in love and change [his] mind.” He also says that he considers the English language term “falling in love quite appropriate” as “to fall is to degrade. Nothing called ‘falling’ can be good.”

There is also an old-fashioned sexist stereotype that says men are inevitably enslaved to their sexual urges. Yuri and other men in his movement say they have successfully overcome them. In the FAQ, it says, “During the transitional period there is a possibility of suffering withdrawal – as with drugs. But eventually it comes to an end, and further sex-free life requires no effort, no ‘self-forcing.’ Problems arise only from involuntary abstinence, but with a voluntary decision to remove sex from life everything is OK.”

The International Antisexual Movement rejects castration as having “too many negative side-effects” and being unnecessary.

Tips for diminishing sexual desire on Yuri’s website include making a firm decision to avoid sexual arousal and keeping one’s mind busy on non-sexual matters. It also suggests not sleeping too much and that people “avoid using too warm blankets or otherwise overheating the groin.

Far from being a religious fanatic, Yuri is an atheist. He lives in Russia, a country that celebrates International Women’s Day but says he “despises” the “sexist holiday.” To learn more about an antisexualism that is neither religious nor sexist, visit his website at http://www.ktk.ru/~cm.


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