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Friday, March 09, 2001 - 10:08 pm
The following are an article which i got it from the masjid, the authors name is (ahmad shehab)
For everything you lose,there a replacement or an alternative, except for with allah.
>Doing business with this life forgetting allah is like swimming in an ocean. Soon you will come of the water with only a few of water on your body. They will dry fast with no benefit.
>Doing business with allah is always successful.
>When you cross the street you care to look, so you are not hit. But when you cross the boundaries of islam/Allah do you also care?.
The steps of satan are more dangerous that you think, as you can only lead to one end. Realize the end result and you will never take that first step.
>Anything you leave for the sake of allah, Allah will give you the same thing or a better thing in halal.
Beg Allah Then SMILE.
>He/her who has died has already overocme by his/her day of judgement.
>Are you a "full-time"MUSLIM or a " part-time "Muslim? Can you afford to be a "some-time Muslim"?
Gazing in the gateway of fornication. (ZINA).
The tongue is your misery or happiness.
Islam is a treatment, not only a look.
Have you cried for your sins lately?
One cent with the good intention to please allah can be the key to pradise.
Be addicted to Theker Allah and the salaute upon Muhammad.
Today you become closer to your grace than yesterday. What can you do to be closer to allah being pleased with you.
Pleasing Allah is the best revenge from satan.
Be with Allah and you will never an easy mean to eat.
You could count you worries and problems but you could never count the blessings of Allah upon you.
If sins have a smell, nobody would sit beside each other.
When Allah pays you, you will be amazed/Allah pays big.
>Never make a sujood to satan no matter what a grip of the bond of Allah. Stand up repenting to Allah and never stay down.
>A lower desire can look attractive, like a small mountain of snow. But when the snow melts, you will see the garbage bags under the snow. If you open them, don't expect to small Jasmine.
Don't expect a nice, cool cup of juice from the fire.
The heart can make you and break you. Cleaning the heart is a full_time job.

Brothers and sisters, is important to remember god and his messenger Muhammed (puoh), and that is why i want you to memorize this short prayer directly to prophet muhammeD (PBUH).

O Allah send prayers to our prophet Muhammed, his family, his companions, and all of those who followed him in righteousness, till reserruction day.

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