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Need a prayer or to pray?

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Islam (Religion): Salat (Prayers): Need a prayer or to pray?
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Tuesday, March 27, 2001 - 10:40 am
BismillahSalaams(1) Prayer = Obligatory prayers offered 5 times a dayPrayer
(2) Prayer = Supplication:
Certainly, we will be praying for you and whom your beloved
ones and also will forward your request to leading spiritual
clerics in Sudan and Morocco (from Prophet Muhammad Family).
They have special daily prayer ceremonies before sunrise and before sunset.
If you can give me your name and your mother's name it will be
appreciated because this is the way in which they call upon the Almighty.
In the meantime, if you can upon waking each day after having
washed-up say the following prayer having in mind that He chooses
for you the best here and in the hereafter, and removes you from
difficulty to ease and strengthens your faith, and guides you
to Him in the way of His Prophets:
Adam, Noah, Abraham, David, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.
While addressing the Creator100 times (astaghfirullaah) I seek Your forgiveness
100 times (laa ilaaha illa Allaah) There is no god except You
100 times (allahumma Salli alaa Muhammadin wa aalih) Praise
and venerations upon all Your Prophets
If you have time to do this before you sleep it will be even better.
These three different prayers are documented in the Holy Books as
the means of receiving Divine attention.
Allah said to Noah when his nation sought provision to ask for
forgiveness from your Lord that He will make the heaven shower
you and increase you in provision and descendants. --
This is the cleansing phase.
The second prayer is certifying that there is no diety worthy
of worship except the Creator. -- This putting the faith in
order phase, perhaps reading "What every Christian and Jew
should know" and "Pure Faith Define" from the Home page of
the Mosque will give you better grounds to launch
your faith in the Creator for whom there is no likeness.
The third prayer strengthens the admiration and fellowship
of those amongst us were chosen by Him to deliver His message
to us. Since we are humans reliant upon dimensions and senses,
The Creator with His Grace made it easy for us to communicate
with perfect human beings such as these great prophets and messengers of Allah.
Please email your first name and also that of your mother.
Confidentiality is upheld.
PS We Usally send a gift to those nice people who gather
to say the prayer so they can have a meal .. etc on the
Mosque account as our way of saying thank you. So if you
can afford please send the Mosque some help. There is no
opligation, for we do not charge any fee to pray for you
and your beloved ones! I am sure you understand.

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