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I am Looking 4 SomaLi RnB Peepz I can Hook Up With.

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Guul! - Somali Success Stories & Anecdotes: I am Looking 4 SomaLi RnB Peepz I can Hook Up With.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2001 - 01:12 pm
HeLLo aLL my Somali peeps..
Word to aLL.
I am here looking 4 my somali peeps who are interested in persuing R&b singing as career..
Anyone out there who got Record LabeL or underground stuff also..
I am still a rookie & underground.. but have
a promising Record labeL...
Insha Allah i will grow large soon by faLL maybe..
I heard about a chick called Nura but don't know where she holding it down...
Anyone anyone interested in this thang or planning to go to entertainment Hola back
and hit me up at#
even freestylers R welcome..

this is for the haters who will be coming up in this joint telling me all about religion.. please
save it,, we all know its Sin & blah blah...
Remember not everyone ends up to become a doctor
or an engineer..Feel Me..
We also need entertainers... Y'll heard
So in short don't waste your time & energy aiight

the Rest of y'll Playaz, Pimps,ballers..R&b chicks..Hot Mamis,,,,Y'll know who U are///
Hit me Up...
Am Out..
One Luv ,ONe Nation...

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