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What do "you" think of your self!!!

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): RA'YIGA DADWEYNAHA - Your Opinion: Somalia: Archive (Before Nov. 8, 2000): What do "you" think of your self!!!
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Sunday, October 29, 2000 - 05:56 pm
most average somalis' look at them selves an say nothing
the million doller question is what do you think of your self(ok ok i except it.... this was wack but hey don't be afraid to add your own line)thanks
no purchase neccesarry duh (hey i'm on pills wow)
hey if you think of me as stupid ...chances are your too damn .......right (that or i have totaly no clue what i'm writing) pllzzz feel free to look for other documentaries from my own crazzy wack asss brain mind imagination (what you see is what you don't get ) well peace or war
hey i just finnished reading the 5th harry potter book wow(ey and it' didn't come out)
well thanx and thanx\
if your thinkin (what the hell is this guy talking about!!!!! i don't know don't ask me)

hey wait why in the hell did you take your
precious time to read this crapp?
if you read throught the whole thing your dumber than the guy who wrote (hey wait that's me) well i gotta go i'll be waiting for a good laught drop a line like "what the ••••" or something that'll praise my fine work thanx

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Sunday, October 29, 2000 - 06:21 pm
haa haaa wow you just qualified to be what you actually wanted to be.You absolutely make sense, then what next!!!.These time try to be more retarded-sycho,ohh men you so cool mongloid.

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