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Who Speaks for YOU? - Is this new gov't representative???

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): RA'YIGA DADWEYNAHA - Your Opinion: Somalia: Archive (Before Nov. 8, 2000): Who Speaks for YOU? - Is this new gov't representative???
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Sunday, October 29, 2000 - 09:10 pm
I am puzzled and I hope someone out there can explain something to me? How can Abdikassam be President of Somalia when there was never an election to begin with? I know what people say about how so many diff clans were representated in Arta - but still the real question is who invited those folks. From what I understand this wasn't a open invitation kind of meeting. And after looking at a list of those elected to the parliament by the conference attendees - I was struck by how many of them were living outside Somalia for many years and more so many of them were part of the old corrupt regime of Siad Barre. Is this what we want to call grassroots democracy?? I certainly hope not and when I hear Abdikassim being called President of Somalia, I ask myself President of What??? Large parts of the country have denounced the whole charade and the so-called new gov't can't even set up shop in Xamar without its cabinet members getting killed.
I do long for the day when peace comes to my homeland - but I want a peace that is based on fairness and justice. NOT a rerun of the past where corruption and human rights abuses were the norm. How can someone convince me otherwise when the same actors are back on the stage??

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Monday, October 30, 2000 - 06:30 am

I guess, it all depends on what you mean by REPRESENTATIVE? Most of the clans (if not all) have some people representing in this so-called national government. But one must ask, if anyone of these folks genuinely represents his/her clan? My answer to that is very few of them have the wish of the clans they supposedly represent.

As for Abdulkassim claiming to be the "elected" President of Somalia, he is not the first to claim that position since the collapse of our state 10 years ago, and he may not be the last. The presidency of Somalia has significantly degraded, as this is one of the unfortunate legacies of the civil war. The election of Abdulkassim is no different than the that of Siad Barre. The so-called Parlamentarians who elected Abdulkassim are similar to the infamous
"Golaha Shacabka Qaranka" who used to elect Siad by landslide every seven or so years. (7 sano oo danbana Siyadow ku doorannee ku daadihi beesha nabad. ..Radio Mogadisho). So in that regard, Abdulkassim was elected, but who elected those who elected him. Keep in mind most of these folks (MPs)were members of the previous military regime who led our nation to the doom it is in.

In a nutshell, this was far from being a fair election, and was nothing, but a millenium reunion of the remnants of the notorious military regime.

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