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African leaders

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): RA'YIGA DADWEYNAHA - Your Opinion: Somalia: Archive (Before Nov. 8, 2000): African leaders
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Wednesday, November 01, 2000 - 12:55 pm
Focus of Africa`s web-page

Wesley Nsomba from Dar es Salaam comments on the obstinance of some of Africa's leaders

Maybe the Western type of democracy does not suit Africa, that is why it doesn't appear to work almost across the whole continent. The possible cause lies in the African traditional way of living.

It is unthinkable for an African child to criticise his or her parent, how can anyone's father be wrong? African leaders consider themselves to be parents of their country. Maybe that is why they don't take kindly to opposition, even when every other person knows they are wrong. Ever heard of a father retiring? That is why we have leaders rigging polls and forcefully hanging on to power. Maybe Africa needs another century to be democratic in a Western sense.

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