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Hawiye ma'aha daaroodna ma'aha

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): RA'YIGA DADWEYNAHA - Your Opinion: Somalia: Archive (Before Nov. 8, 2000): Hawiye ma'aha daaroodna ma'aha
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Friday, November 03, 2000 - 06:25 pm
Afweyne #2 ayaa somalia u soo baxay.

The Arta Faction rushes Militias to Ballidogle and Kismayo

GALKAIO, Nov. 5, 2000 (puntin) - The New Djibouti-installed Arta Faction prepares an onslaught in Kismayo and Baydhabo. According to reliable sources in Mogadishu, Abdulqasim Salad Hasan, the self-styled President of the Arta Group has sent one-thousand-strong militia from his own clan and the Islamic courts to Kismayo and Ballidogle to preclude the RRA and the SPM takeover of these areas. These factions are led by Dr Hassan Mohamed Nur (Shatigudud) and Mohamed Said Hirsi (Morgan) respectively. The two leaders were both members of the so-called “interim parliament” recently formed in Arta, Djibouti. Both renounced their membership of the Arta Parliament.

Shipments of arms and logistics support from Yemen and Djibouti have been offloaded at Ballidogle airstrip for the past week. Similar shipments are expected from Sudan and Libya in the following weeks.

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