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SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Somali Women's Forum: Archive (Before Feb 2000): PEOPLE STOP SLAGGING MEN OFF!
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Unrecorded Date
i am really disappointed that most of the discussions in the forums are about slagging men off! (whether they be a cab driver, engineer, bouncer,road sweeper, CLAMPER (HATE THOS I MUST TELL YOU, COZ THEY TAKE YOUR CAR)Nothing personal, lawyer, student). All those i mentioned are better then the ones with welfare state, who launder money of the state, with different names etc.

I am really proud if i see a man who works for himself and his family as long as he is doing it the old-fashioned way (WORKING). Ok i could say they need bit of an improving but then so do we. We are not perfect ourselves and our men aren't perfect too. So we have to accept to accept each other and encourage each other. If there weren't any men then where would we be. I am Sure as hell that I wouldn't live men free zone area! neither lot of women.

So i suggest that we stop slagging each other off and think of ways we could get together LOL!! not litterally ( well litterally if u r the man of my dreams lol)


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Unrecorded Date
Sagal sis everything u said is true. It is the true nature of somalians (Majority women) to generalize. Don't get me wrong men do too, but looking at this forums, usually it is the women that generalize. They would see one or a group of men that act certein way and they would imetialtly project that to all somalian man. And some of them just act out their frustration. Perhabs the later could not be blamed, for they already have their own problems.

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