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New Matrimonial Site

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Mumineen Matrimonials

Unrecorded Date
We are looking for your ads.

Mumineen Matrimonials ( a site that showcases ads from black (African, Caribbean, African-American, etc.), Latino and Native American Muslims looking for their soulmates.

The site also, welcomes ads from other Muslims interested in marriage partners from other racial/ethnic backgrounds.

To post an ad with us- posting is free- please send your ad to

Include your gender, age, marital status, whether you have any children and where you live. You may also want to include your name, URL to your website (if you have one) and country of origin.

We look forward to featuring your ad on our site.

Jazak Allah Khair

NOTE: Please do not submit multiple ads or ads written in all-caps as they will not be posted.

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