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Is our culture Obsolete or still exist? by Yohanis

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Somali Women's Forum: Archive (Before Feb 2000): Is our culture Obsolete or still exist? by Yohanis
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Unrecorded Date
happy new year:

a year from now we're heading a new mellinnium[ the new mellinium will start January 2001] and we're facing a choice to make about our "culture".
a culture that made us to be anywhere around the world [ many somalis are living around the world than any other african country in which civil war occured]. a culture that made us to killed each other [ the tribal wars]. a culture that made that the strong ones to killed the weaker ones of our somali society.
a culture that deceive us to know it's in fact our problems.
my questions to you,[the reader] are.
should we keep that culture and be proud of it? or should we make it something that is obsolete and old fashioned?. Something we no longer practice?. Something that we should be a shame of?. Something we teach our children not to follow?. i think we should make it obsolete and old fashioned. Salute.......

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Unrecorded Date

HUH??? You know what they say in Psychiatry world?
"it's better to face it...than supress it" I think
we should NOT make it old-fashioned and yorish...but
face it and deal with it...where we think needs dealing
and facing. I think we have one of the greatest cultures,
but we just need to do
BUT, in all favor, NOT to supress it.

Each generation after another...thinks better and thinks
it knows better. Unfortunately, the ones before us
were too chickened to STAND for their views and *betterment,*
however, that doesn't mean we have to...nor will our
future children have to. Yohanis, you think you have
a problem with Somali-Culture...well, face it and do
what you can to change whereas you think need change.

It is all individuality, we all contribute our world
to energy and does and your part. AND, when
you do that, all will fall into place. :))

It's also all in unity, we all can come together to
contribute to our world---however, the question need
to be asked is...are we those people???

Peace, Ahmad!

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Unrecorded Date
Salaamu calaykum all!

To Yohanis:

In one breath you opened a debate and closed it! LOL. Why do I say so? Well, you asked a question and answered. You are entitled to your opinion.
However, I do not believe our culture is obsolete. Depending of the context and the society we are living in, I would rather say it knows a revival and is stronger. Or you could affirm as you did that it is obsolete.
Nonetheless, I must firmly disagree with the manner in which you posed your question. Does culture equal political struggle? Or clan driven aspirations and ambitions? Yes, the situation in Somalia is most certainly not stable however the same people that have made Somalia and Somalis what they are continue to live on the land. We have inhabitants that range from the nomad tending his camels to the savvy politician holding press conferences to the sophisticated businessman talking on his cellular to the mother struggling to make two ends meet. Have they all died? What has made them obsolete? Are they not still propagating the same values and morals?
As to those that form the Somali diaspora, tell me one Somali wedding you have attended that does not have Somali songs? Do you not eat "baris iyo hilib"? And for those that love it (such as myself lol) "baasto iyo muus"? Are the Somali women and men still not wearing the traditional clothes be it at home or outside? Are we still not speaking Somali? All of the above mentioned are part of culture.
So, Yohanis, in response to your question, the Somali culture is far from obsolete, rather it is thriving. The proof: I a former fan R&B music can't get enough of the Tubeec, Mooge, Cigaal, Samatar, Khadra Dahir, Sahra Ahmed, Magool.. Need I say more?? LOL. Somali culture knows a revival bro! Let's keep it up! Insha Allah.

Salaamu calaykum

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Unrecorded Date
In diaspora - We never had a solid culture. Just look at your name and the language you are using although you and your audience are Somali.

Somalia - Yes, the culture is there and stronger than ever.

Please remember that we cannot represent Somalia as we are exiles, who live under other governments, cultures and religions. For those of us who were born or grew up outside of Somalia, we are not only Somalis, we must admit that our host countries are our homes too.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that:)


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Unrecorded Date
To Cajabo:
nice name......
The whole culture of somalia [ the way we follow our routes] and the way we do things [ our norms] are two different things all together.
The culture we had [ i viewed our culture an obsolete thing] wasn't in anyway helping us to developed mentally or otherwise. Our culture was forcing us to hate other somalis, to killed them, to robb them, even though all somalis [weak or strong tribes] do things in the same way[our norms]. wedding activities, death related ceremonies,and many other things we did in a way dictated by our norms. You need to differentiate the differences between our culture and our norms. Our norms or the way we do thing will stay with us but our culture is something that we need to ignore and make it something that is obsolete and old fashioned. of all those activities that led to the killing, robbing, torturing, raping to those innocent somali people was, in one way or the other, consistance with our culture and we must elliminate it from our routes, in order to face the new mellinium with strong and more mature somaliness. by the way, if you love the somalian songs and old somali singers like, Tubeec, and many other singers, did u ever thought to moderanized yourself and listen the new and more energatic singers that need to be supported and recognized?. To be honest with you, i hate old fashioned things, the old songs and old singers alike.


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