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Ths goes to all bro's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Somali Women's Forum: Archive (Before Feb 2000): Ths goes to all bro's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Unrecorded Date
Hello Bro
How are you all doing, i hope well anyway, so tell me, let me start off with is, i have longed for it, so better pay attention now.
The thing is, I have known so many somalian gays for so long, and have had relationship with them, But they dont seem to be enough for me, because you nkow why, well its because the dont know how to treat ladies, dont have experience of sexual intercouse, and dont know how to kiss.
Ones i was dating this somalian gay, and he asked me to have sex with him, but i refused and said, lets start from the botton, so we did, i said we will kiss each other first, and if it deos go well than who knows more, when we started kissing, he big my lips, and put his tangue in my mouth, he would get his tanhue out of my mouth, how was i suppose to kiss him back, after what i have just experienced, let alone having sex with him.
I hope that you all gays know how to satisfy your ladies, before going on having sex with them, otherwise you will regret it, for life i would say.
I had to tell all his friend of what a dog he was, and they all were very disappointed,
So beeter be careful with those things ok, or you will be shouting MAANIIIII for help.
i hope that the information i have given is usefull to you, now and in the future.
I love you bro's
Take Care Byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Unrecorded Date
Listen up

You better tell your story to that guy himself and don't be coming here generalizing cuz you don't know what you talking about.

Also, get your fucking english straightened up. It is "guys", not "gays". Do you know what "gays" are?

If you can't write proper english, use your fucking mother language. PUNK


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Unrecorded Date
hey im not a gay are u a gay abdi?
im sure you're not.
so anonymous you can start having good times, if you know how, by dating guys and stop messing around with them gays. they worthless.

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