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"Can Somali Become an Islamic State?" by Yohanis

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Somali Women's Forum: Archive (Before Feb 2000): "Can Somali Become an Islamic State?" by Yohanis
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Unrecorded Date
One of the best system of government in the world is the "Islamic Ruled government". And if people is governed by the Islamic Way they will get the best democratic system in the world. Even though Somalia is a nation that is 100% muslin or used to be, we never had an Islamic Government and we didnít follow the rules of Islam to governed ourselves. After the birth of Somalia, we adopted a very fragile democratic system [western democratic system based on Christianity] followed by, Siyaad Barreís military rule which produced hate, jealousy, and very bitter civil war. We also didnít have a great Islamic Universities that will produce great number Somali graduates that will lead us to development and holding the string of God. When Iran became an Islamic state in 1978-79 they did have a great number of Islamic graduates that quickly helped their country to transformed from secular state to Islamic State. A great Islamic State in this century, if I may add. There are some small number of Somalis who did graduate from Islamic schools like, Ahzar university in Cairo or Mohammed Cabdul Casiis in Saudi Arabia, and Khartoum. And they can not rule Somalia because of their numbers. They could be less than 100 people. In Somalia today we have those who called themselves "sheiks" who claimed that they have enough Islamic knowledge to govern Somalia. But in real life, their knowledge is limited and they donít have any Religion degrees that qualify them as Islamic scholars. Obviously, they have hidden agendas.
My questions to you [ the readers] are.
Can Somalia with this small number of Islamic graduates become an Islamic nation?, and if so How?
Can those " Sheiks" who claimed that they have enough knowledge of Islam be trusted to govern Somalia?
To my friends; i was in a hospital for a week, after a broke my leg in an Indoor soccer match. lol@@

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Unrecorded Date
"Can Somalia with this small number of Islamic graduates become an Islamic nation?"

No, it can't.

That is because---Saudi Arabia with its BIG number of Islamic graduates---is not even an Islamic nation.

You do not become an Islamic nation because of how many number of Islamic graduates a country have.

A Jew once said when the number of Muslims, who attend the fajar prayers at Masjids, is like the number of Muslims who attend the Jum'a prayers at Masjids-----that is when an Islamic nation will come to exist.

You need an imaan or taqwa more than you need an islamic gratuates or ilmi.

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Unrecorded Date
To: Yoni$
Yes it can......
if you look today somalia, you can see the only thing they missing is the "qur'an...
also somalia need to ignore all the crup, like we are arabs etc, today as you all know arabs are trying to make sure that, somalia don't stop fighting, because if somalian's stop fighting today, they know there will be no more oil, "no oil 4 arabs"...

peace i'm out

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Unrecorded Date
can Amharas ever come back to power?

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Unrecorded Date
Asalaamun calaamani_tabacal hudaa:
Good point to raised: A simle answer of the initiator's question is yes: I will base my hypothesis on two fundamental basis that are unique to somali people: However, before even looking beyond metaphysical reasoning, let see what are the requirements for muslim state to be erected:Firt of all, It is gross misconception, and misuderstanding to set precondions,like the number of knowledgable individuals that a certain country or nation have for the establishment of an Islamic state:Again, it is over simplistic and baseless rhetoric to claim that before consideration of Islamic state there has to be such and such condition: If you know any thing about Islam I contend that you would not have raised this kind of question: If you look back the long streched golden Islam history, you will find that it was never the case for how many knowledgable scholars were present at the time for the sustance and continuity of the Islamic state: Look at the very first Islamic state ever established, look, what was the number of saxaaba with the Prophet( p p b u him)/. Were they all culamaa: sheekhs, did they all have degrees to prove that they coud implement and follow the sharecah?. Look at the Qur'an, I doubted that you have ever openned, are those the requirements, preset condtions to be met before implementing shareca?? answer, is no, no no:
On the other hand: As you addited, Somalis are 100% muslim society:If this the case, somalis don't have any other discourse of action except embrasing the Islamic shareca, which is the only resort left today considering their status quo: In this regard, Islam is the only and only system of life that can end once and for all the suffering and the unjust of somali people and other nation as well: Allah has said in the Qur'an: "wamaa kaana limuuminin walaa muminatin idaa qadal_laahu warasuulahu amran an yakuuna lahumul khiyartu waman yacsi laaha warsuulahu faqad dalla dalaalan mubiinan": which migt be traslated as: It is not an appropriate for believing man and women if Allah and his messenger judge or command, issue, decree for situaton or and issue, to have an option for the implementation and abiding of that command:
Therefore, Muslim people are commanded by their creator, Allah to follow and up hold his relegion, which is a complete supreme, divine constitution that allah the all knower brought for the humanity to follow: As far as whether somali has great number of scholars is irrelevant for the establishment of Islamic somali state: The fact of matter is that somali never in any time in the history did somali people had amount of culamaas they have today: In addition, Islam is not a system that is continuously ammended, or changed: so all we need is to implement:

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Unrecorded Date
But implement what? Sharia is a law for the individual, but what of how to build a state and its institutions? Does the Qur'an tell us how big the legislature should be? Does the Qur'an tell us how to organize and select the religious leaders who govern the country? It gives guidlines for some laws but it's not a constitution that maps out all aspects of government. Also, there's a whole host of issues that didn't rear their ugly heads until after the Qur'an was written, so someone must adjudicate those. If you think Somalia should become an "Islamic" state, do you mean a kingdom like Saudi Arabia? Do you have an example I could relate too?

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Unrecorded Date
answer to shaakir

first of all please read, learn and undrstand the qur,an. yes qur,an is a full constitution from allah. we don't need to take the current saudi as an example. but muslims during and after the prophet (saw) succeeded, lived a good live and freed not only middle east, but aisa, africa and europ. because they lived according to qur,an and sunnah.

the problem is that, muslims who say we are muslims , pray salah and so on are against the rule of allah and side with KAFIRS and mushrikiin.

we ask allah not to make us among the munaafiqiin.

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Unrecorded Date
Asalaamu calaykum:
To Ihsan:
All and entire praises be to allah:
brother thank you for your concern and courage to come in defence of our religion and what it stands for:However, brother, I realy don't understand your irrelevant allegation toward that point I raised: I would advise you and suggest you to read carefuly what I have written and then pin point what are the mistakes or inconsistaces regarding our diin that I made: Let me restate the centeral and perhaps the theme of my argument which is posted here: The guy who opened this debate argued that though somalis are muslim, they can't embarase the sharia now for they lack enough knowledgeable scholars: My counter aguments is< this was never the prerequisite condition for establishment of Islamic state: SO brother, If you read, learned, and undestood the qur'an, as you put it, DOES IT SAY, THE SHARIA CAN'T BE IMPLEMENTED UNTILL SUCH AND SUCH NUMBER OF CULAMAA BECOME AVAILABLE???????
ALLAH SAID" QUL HAATUU BUR_HAANAKUM INKUNTUM SAADIQIIN"" WHICH MEANS< BRING YOUR PROOVES IF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS TRUE:so bring your proof ad where you got them from: Brother, I will give you the benefit of Ignorance for you exhibited your inability to understand that short paraghraph:
secondly: let me set you straight again: I did not say that SAUDI is an example or model for and Islamic state: By the way, Is saudi fully and Islamic state?? to me SAUDI is a kingdom state rather than an Islamic state: I dont refute however that SAUDI is the only country that impelemented partialy the SHARIA,thus, can be characterised as the number one country that can be called an Islamic state: Folks come on get real: those of you who are often quick to refer saudi whenever THE NAME OF ISLAMIC STATE IS MENTIONED, are deluting yourself:

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Unrecorded Date
my salams bro. first all praise is due 2 ALLAH i have examine your theme an insist u listen closely2 my words. the arabs are the biggest criminals when it comes 2 teaching an implementing islam.the RASUL pbuh said woe 2 the arabs 4 a punishment fastly approaching, and another hadith said after him an 3 generations they will not be of him.2 say saudi implements islam correctly is a joke,they implement it on the poor not the rich ,thats not islam , block acess2 the holy city,prejudice ,trible inriched in family tradictions an cultral not deen. if u look at history hadiths distorted 2 fit there country and tribes.still darker people in slavery in particuler muslims, islam does away with race an tribe ALLAH judges our hearts not skin color race is pride pride is arrogance, arrogance is hellfire.if somalia wants 2 become a state it will have 2 be for allah not cultral or tribe like the arabs learn from there mistakes an punishments.learder ship was taken from them at the fall of granada 1492 , they were deposed of leadership in al- islam.

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