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Aaway waddaninimadeenii iyo hidaheenii iyo dhaqankeenii

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Somali Women's Forum: Archive (Before Feb 2000): Aaway waddaninimadeenii iyo hidaheenii iyo dhaqankeenii
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Unrecorded Date
(I would like to pass this message to all brothers and sisters)

First off all I love you dearly all my sisters and brothers deeply. Love your country and be proud of your self’s.

We are one nation and we have one culture, one language and one religion. But why we cannot worked out our problems and be the same as before, Somalian people have fights from time to time as we can read from our history, but things used to get back the same again and I cannot understand why we still fighting until now for nothing and killing each other. Also we ruin our country and we grew even drugs there, which is ridiculous and unbelievable

I am wondering why we grew drugs our golden country, and where is the old Somalian men, who used to put things right again, why the ones we trust are using our youths to kill each other and then they can proceed their interests.

I hope one day soon we got a real citizen Somalian leader, who loves the country and all the Somalian citizens, and I am bugging “GOD” made our country peace and good life forever.

Here in Western countries, we are refugee’s and no one respected us, also all our youths about 70%, have lost the culture, religion and the love off their country. We never have a our beautiful girls to get married with foreign man, but now indeed we lose many of them, also most of our man has no future in the Western countries all they do is chew and no more than that, which is really broken heart. “GOD” help us and put us the right way.

I dream about when we will be reunite again, and you could drive trough freely your country in peace. We lost each other and most of us have no complete family together, in one place.

Finally, I would like to mention to all my brothers and sisters to work hard and study for our country and help the new generation. Remember these countries are not our, and one day sooner or later we going back to our mother land, which our where we belong to.

“GOD” blesses you all my brothers and sisters. Love and peace always.

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Unrecorded Date
Aad baan ugu faraxsanahay inaan aqriyo qoraalka qof soomaaliyeed oo ka gubanaya burburka iyo midnaan la,aanta ka taagan wadankeena,iyadoo aay ka sii fiicnaan laheed adigoo ku qora AFKA HOOYO.
Halka aay yurub ku gorgortameyso inay midiiwdo,soomaliyana waxay ku gorgortameysaa inay kala go,d.MAXASE UGU WACAN?.
Waxaa ugu wacan odayaasha aanu aaminay ha ahaado mid tegey ama mid jooga oo aan aqoon u laheen qiimaha wadaninimo ama dannestayaal xukun doon ah.
Taasi waa sidey ila tahay.

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Unrecorded Date

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