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Tips for somali womens and mens

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Somali Women's Forum: Archive (Before Feb 2000): Tips for somali womens and mens
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Unrecorded Date
am 24 year old man how lived most his live outside our countrey so u can say am mix cultrer(sp) and i came across a lot of
stories about relationships
and i had some but my point is all of us wither we guys or girls had done a lot of mistakes but we need to open a new chapter
in our lives and talking mainly to gays and my points is:
1: Never show of with your womens stories in front off your friends cuz her cuz or brother in low cauld be there.
2: somali girls does not like the guy how talk alot.
3:make all the moves towards the girls becuase they shy
4: be nice and gentle with womens becuase they are easy to be brok(sp)
5:stop playing around and stick to 1 woman
6:see your future e.g go to do your masters
7: and to me it is number 1 stop being farax e.g. don't chow Qat
8:go to the gym becuase it is in our DNA to be skinny brothers.
9:be a man of your word
10:don't disrespect your women becuase whats goes around must comes around
11: learn how to dress up not like puff dady and 2pac dress up like will smith nice and smooth althogh i like to listen to 2pac
songs more than will smith
12:learn how to walk not like gangsta
13: stop waring earings and gold around your niks because it is leadies things.
14: look after your leady and dont ignore her
15: be open minded and open a channal of communications.
16: love her by your mind not your heart(sp)

and to sisters
1:give the guys another chance to prove them selfs
2:some guys are dump or shy so don't forget the sign language
3:stop playing around the other people and stick to somali guys(that is for how is doing no disrespect)
4: make sure both of u understand each other
5: stop acting like you don't see the brother
6: look good all the time
7:use your mind not your heart but am not saying for u to be selfish or gready
8:don't nagg 2 much
and finally to every 1 reading this message stop fighting over the net and using bad language god look after us
if u have any thing 2 say 2 me e mail me at

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SoPHiZTicaTed SmOoThY

Unrecorded Date
To: AnoYMouz WoooooooooooooooooooW

God U one funny brotha ...U tipz are great and if everyone followed them we would all be happy lol
the ones I like the most are....

Numbers {for the men}: 2,7,8,11,12, ....

To: the brothers ...Dress like Puffy and U be sure to get N E Grl U want...ha ha ha

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