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Somali Girls Between Success&Failure

SomaliNet Forum (Archive): Ila Tali Walaal - Ask The Experts: Relationships - Shukaansi: Somali Girls Between Success&Failure
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Saturday, March 17, 2001 - 08:53 pm
Somali girls has succeeded how to Cook,Take care of their children,and perform their future.
But, she has failed how to satisfy her Husband in the bed!!I know Some of you girls Will Deeply feel
How Sad is to watch your husband alone in his bed.
Let me be clear enough:
When you Missing a sensitive part of your body along with Bad attitude Do you think Your husband will watch you??sooner or later he Will definitely
get rid of your Problems(this is only for those who burn before 1982) this topic lead me the Act
Of circumscriptions.
Personally I think to circumcise a girl means to eliminate her life early,let alone her personality.
Did You girls admitted your weaknesses!!But, one thing worth to point out;that is absolutely Not your fault,It's your Mamas' fault!Please Don't circomsice your girl as your Mama does to you!!In order our kids get what we are missing now!!
Now Tell me girl are you going to do it?!I get big concern you girls GON do the same story!!

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