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Mohamed Abdi Farah

(SomaliNet) Somali’s interim Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi has announced in the provincial town of Baidoa, the temporarily capital of the government on Monday the formation of his cabinet nominating all 31 ministers with their state ministers. Government spokesman, Abdirahman Nor Dinari read out the names of the new ministers of the cabinet to the reporters. The new cabinet is consisted of 31 ministers and five state ministers.

Cabinet ministers

1. Minister of justice, Sheik Adan Madobe.

2. Minister of foreign affairs and international relations, Ismael Hurre Buba.

3. Minister of internal affairs and deputy premier, Hussein Mohamed Aideed.

4. Minister of defense, Barre Adan Shire Hirale.

5. Minister of national security, Abdulahi Abdi Garun.

6. Minister of the federal constitutional affairs, Abdulahi Sheik Ismael.

7. Minister of finance, Hassan Mohamed Nor Shati-Gadud.

8. Minister of planning and census, Hussein Elabe Fahiye.

9. Minister of environment, Mohamed Mohamod Heyd.

10.Minister of women development and family affairs, Fowsiyo Mohamed Sheik.

11.Minister of livestock and deputy foreign minister, Salim Aliyow Ibrow

12.Minister of farming, Abdulkadir Nor Arale.

13.Minister of fishing and marine resources, Hassan Abshir Farah.

14.Minister of energy and petroleum, Abdulahi Yusuf Mohammed.

15.Minister of public housing, Mohammed Mohamod Guled (Gamo-dhere).

16.Minister of sea transport, Ali Ismael Abdi Gir.

17.Minister of air and ground transport, Mohammed Ibrahim Habsade.

18.Minister of trade, Abdulahi Ahmed Afrah.

19.Minister of mineral and water, Mohamud Salad Nor.

20.Minister of education, Abdirahman Abdi Ware.

21.Minister of youth and sports, Mowlid Maane Mohamod.

22.Minister of works and workers’ development, Salah Ali Farah.

23.Minister of posts and communications, Abdi Mohamed Tarah.

24.Minister of factories, Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed.

25.Minister of r religious affairs, Sheik Hassan Ismael Bile.

26.Minister of information, Ali Ahmed Jama’ Jangali

27.Minister of resettlement and rebuilding, Saed Hassan Shire.

28.Minister of health, Abdulaziz Sheik Yusuf.

29.Minister of reconciliation and relations of Diasporas, Mohamod Abdulahi Jama Sifir.

30.Minister of culture, Hussein Sheik Mohamed Hussein.

31.Minister of tourism and wildlife, Ali Mohamed Mohamod.

State ministers:

1. State minister of foreign affairs, Mohamood Sayid Adan.

2. State minister of planning and census, Sheik Adan Sheik Mader.

3. State minister of information, Kadija Mohammedd Diriye.

4. State minister of fishing and marine resources, Abdalle Boos Ahmed.

5. State minister of finance, Abdikarim Ahmed Ali.

After the read out, Premier Gedi has delivered short speech noting the new appointed ministers to come before the parliament tomorrow where they would be sworn.

He said that he is promising to allot the deputy ministers very soon. The nomination of the new cabinet is based on the formula of 4.5 (four

major tribes and half minority clans).

Most of the appointed ministers were belong to former cabinet and also in the parliament. All the new ministers were selected from the parliament.

Abdi Abdule Saed known as (Jini Boqor) has expressed his pessimism on the new cabinet saying there is no difference at all. “I believe that the new cabinet formed by the primer Gedi would not bring significant change towards the current political turmoil,” he said.