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South Africa: Over 1000 Zimbabweans return home due to xenophobic violence


SomaNet News Archive

(By Estera Popowska)
Following deadly attacks on foreigners by South African locals in recent weeks, some 1067 Zimbabweans have returned home. According to reports, the last batch of Zimbabwean citizens left South Africa and were expected in Zimbabwe on Friday.

According to Daily Nation, only 737 had volunteered to return home but the last batch of 330 Zimbabweans left Durban on Thursday and were expected at the Beitbridge border post on Friday.On Monday, some 470 Zimbabweans arrived in Beitbridge and received counseling before they were transported to their homes.

Zimbabwe’s consular-general to South Africa Batirashe Mukonoweshuro told State media five buses had been deployed for the latest repatriations. “We have completed documenting our people in Durban and we have not had any new cases,” Mr Mukonoweshuro said adding that “These are expected to arrive in Beitbridge on Friday. We are also expecting another bus to leave from Primrose transition camp in Johannesburg. “As the consulate we appreciate the assistance from our host government and the business people in Durban for giving our people shelter.”

At least 700 people reportedly died in the latest xenophobic attacks that rocked KwaZulu Natal province and Johannesburg.Zimbabwe has the highest number of immigrants in South Africa with some estimates putting them at over three million (Daily Nation)