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Libya: 2 hostage Tunisian journalists killed by Islamic State gunmen-Libyan officials


SomaNet News Archive

(By Estera Popowska)

Libyan officials said on Wednesday that Islamic State militants in Libya have killed two Tunisian journalists kidnapped last year, adding that the Tunisian government will immediately send a delegation to Libya to discuss the case.

VOA reported that Tunisian officials however could not confirm the deaths of the two Tunisian journalists; Sofian Chourabi and Nadhir Ktari who were kidnapped about eight months ago.

According to reports, a spokesman for Libya's official government based in eastern Libya said an arrested militant had admitted that his group had killed the two reporters.

The spokesman reportedly said that was the same group of Islamic State militants that had killed five journalists - an Egyptian and four Libyans - working for Libya Barqa TV channel. Their bodies with slit throats were found in eastern Libya on Monday.

A statement by the rival self-declared government in Tripoli also said the two Tunisians had been killed, citing its investigations with suspects.

Recently, has claimed responsibility in Libya for the killing of 30 Ethiopian and 21 Egyptian Christians as well as an attack on a Tripoli hotel, embassies and oilfields (VOA).