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Somali Graduate opens substance abuse treatment centre in Minnesota targeting Somalis in diaspora

(By Bonny Apunyu)

A recent University of Minnesota graduate and a social worker, Mr. Yussuf Shafie has opened a center for treatment for substance abuse targeting Minnesotans of East African descent, Star Tribune reported.

According to reports, the facility called Alliance Wellness Center in Bloomington, will deal with substance abuse and the profound stigma of mental illness in the Somali community. “I know people in my community need these services,” Shafie reportedly said adding that “I want to empower them to seek help.”

US: Gunmen shoot dead son of popular Somali artist in Minneapolis

(By Bonny Apunyu)

A son of a popular Somali artist and film maker famously known as Sangub has been shot dead by gunmen in the U.S city of Minneapolis, Radio Dalsan reported Monday.

The death of the 24 year old Alamagan was confirmed by his father Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Isse to Radio Dalsan, according to reports. However, it not yet known the motive behind the shooting but police reportedly  said they believe the killing was not a random incident.

Congratulations to Councillor Muna Cali

A councillor made history this month by becoming the first Somali women to be elected to Northampton Borough Council. Councillor Muna Cali was elected in Castle Ward in this year's local election with 1,753 votes. She now represents the area with fellow Labour councillors Danielle Stone and Enam Haque. Whilst 'very proud' of her Somali heritage, she said she will be working on behalf of all communities in Castle Ward.