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Uganda: Eight suspects on Al Shabab linked terrorism trial at High Court


SomaNet News Archive

(By Bonny Apunyu)
Uganda’s daily Monitor has reported Wednesday that eight people accused of planning to carry out terrorism aattacks in Uganda have been paraded to high court for trial.
The suspects whose names were published by Uganda’s Daily Monitor online news website, were reportedly arrested last year in Uganda’s surburb city of Kisenyi.

According to Daily monitor , the indictment says that during the main trial before Uganda's High Court, prosecution will give evidence to show that the accused persons were in constant contact with the Somalia based Al-Shabaab commander, Adam Mohammed.

“During prosecution evidence will be adduced that the suspects were in constant contact with the Al-Shabaab commander Mohammed who had sent them two suicide vessels which were to be delivered at a guest house in Kisenyi a city suburb,” the indictment reads in part.

More evidence will show that: “Further Police surveillance proved that the accused persons were the owners of the telephone lines and a Toshiba laptop that were used in communicating with the Al-Shabaab commander .They always travelled around in a Toyata Noah Vehicle to coordinate the attacks.”

Reports say the terror suspects were arrested in September 2014 and briefly detained at Uganda’s police Special Investigations Unit (SIU) at Kireka. Subsequently, On September 24, they were charged in court and returned to the SIU for further interrogation. Currently, they are battling charges of aiding and abetting terrorism and belonging to a terrorist organisation contrary to the provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Act. (Source: Daily Monitor)