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Kenya: Terrorist scare kills one student, injures 141 at University of Nairobi


SomaNet News Archive

(By Estera Popowska)
An electricity fault caused explosions in a hostel at the Kikuyu Campus of the University of Nairobi on Sunday leaving one student dead and 141 others wounded, Daily Nation said.
According to reports, an electricity fault in the hostel’s main supply station caused several “gunshot-like” explosions that sparked panic among students who feared that they had been attacked by gunmen.

Some students reportedly jumped from as high as the 6th floor of Kimberly Hostels in an attempt to flee from what they thought was a terrorist attack in the campus.
The incident comes just within a week after Al Shabaab linked gunmen shot dead 148 people at the Garissa University College in Kenya.

“We have confirmed that it was not a terror attack,” said Prof Peter Mbithi, the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Nairobi. “This was a reaction by scared students who thought they were fleeing from terrorists. The power fault caused the transformer to explode, forcing students into panic after more than three successive blasts.”

The University VC reportedly said that 99 of the 141 casualties were at the Kenyatta National Hospital, where five are said to be in critical condition. At least 54 students were taken to the Kikuyu Mission Hospital, which is near the campus and 50 of them were treated and discharged (Source: Daily Nation)