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Kenya: Parliamentary officer arrested on suspicion of working with Al shabaab


SomaNet News Archive

(By Estera Popowska)

Kenyan Police have arrested a Parliamentary officer, Ali Abdulmajid for allegedly planning to facilitate attacks on the National Assembly, the Standard Digital reported Monday.

According to reports, the Senate staff, is the vice-chairperson of the management committee of the Pumwani Riyadh mosque that has in the past been accused of financing terror activities. He has held that job since 2009.

Abdulmajid was reportedly arrested at midnight on Sunday and booked at Kilimani Police Station. His family said the officers from CID and Anti-Terror Unit wanted to clarify with him a number of issues. He was picked up by officers from Central police station and was being grilled on Monday.

“The officers want to confirm a number of issues. We don’t want to take chances,” said a senior officer at the Central police station, who asked not to be named.

Standard Digital says Abdulmajid who has worked with Parliament for nearly ten years was previously named in the 2011 UN Monitoring Group on Eritrea and Somalia as being linked to terror activities. He reportedly wrote to the police chief asking him to investigate the UN Monitoring Report so that his name could be cleared as he denied the allegations.

“We have opened our doors to the police to come and investigate the mosque or any of our members. We have nothing to hide and we don’t support terrorists or terror activities,” an official of the mosque who requested not to be named said.

Abdulmajid’s arrest has come in at the time Kenyan police revealed Al-Shabaab terrorists’ plan to plant bombs in Parliament Buildings as part of high scale attacks.

“The terror group plans to use an operative (Abdulmajid) who is affiliated to the popular Pumwani Riyadh Mosque who is also a staff member at the Senate to actualise the attack.” ( Standard Digital)