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Rwanda: Netherlands announces € 44.9 million in development grant to Rwanda


SomaNet News Archive

(By Estera Popowska)

Rwanda will receive a total of 44.9 million euro in  grants from Netherlands for  Water Resource Management and education, Xinhua reported Friday.

The grant, which was reportedly announced by Netherlands on Thursday will have its biggest share go to Water Resource Management while the balance 10 million euro will go to Rwanda's education sector under the Netherlands Initiative for Capacity Building in Higher Education (NICHE 2), 

According to Xinhua, the two projects are supposed to be implemented in the next four years as part of efforts to achieve sustainable economic development of Rwanda.

Netherlands ambassador to Rwanda, Leoni Cuelenaere  reportedly said the project will facilitate better collaboration between Rwandan stakeholders and Dutch institutions.

"They will in the medium term open up opportunities for increased investment in water infrastructure, agriculture, and economic development," Cuelenaere said. The water project, according to the ambassador, will help Rwanda to establish institutions and in capacity building.

"Based on its long experience fighting water problems, the Netherlands can mobilize knowledge institutions, firms, and individuals who will work closely with Rwandan stakeholders in the ministries of Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Infrastructure but also at district level and private firms," she said.

She pointed out that integrated water resource management program is a relatively new concept that needs all stake holders to work together to be able to achieve best results.

The Dutch intervention in Rwanda is in the areas of private sector development, Justice, Reconciliation, Law and Order Sector, Decentralization and Governance, water and sanitation,(Xinhua).