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Kenya: 3 suspected al-shabab terrorists arrested in Garissa County


SomaNet News Archive

(By Bonny Apunyu)

Three terror suspects have been arrested by Kenya’s security officers in Yumbis, Garissa County, Daily Nation reported Saturday. Kenya’s Regional Commissioner Ambassador Mohamud Saleh told journalists on Saturday that the Kenyan government is determined to drive out Al-Shabaab operatives from the East African country.

Mr Saleh reportedly  called the operation a success following the arrests of the suspects. They are believed to have taken part in the invasion of a village where a group of Al-Shabaab militants preached to residents, as well as a police ambush where one officer was killed.

He reportedly said as a result of the operation, a number of Al-Shabaab operatives have crossed over into Somalia while others are in hiding. Security agents are also conducting a similar operation in Mandera after militants were reported to have been preaching in villages there.

Mr Saleh said three rifles (an AK47, a G3 and a carbine rifle)  as well as several rounds of ammunition were recovered. "The operation targeting Al-Shabaab operatives has so far been successful and is still ongoing. We have been able to capture three Al-Shabaab members who are now in our custody and who will be investigated with a view to convicting them," Mr Saleh said.

"We are working on a plan with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on this issue because we have hosted the refugees and cannot allow them to create problems in our country," Mr Saleh said. In April, Al Shabab claimed responsibility for an attack on a Kenyan University in Garissa County which left atleast 147 people dead.