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Ugandan man who killed son jailed for 32 years


SomaNet News Archive

(By Bonny Apunyu)

A Ugandan man previously on death row for the 1999 killing of his two-year old son will remain in jail for 32 years, the Court of Appeal has confirmed. New Vision reported that Charles Ssekamate confessed to murdering the toddler, saying he did so because the baby was crying a lot.

A Ugandan Court records revealed that in November 1999, Ssekamate strangled his baby son and dumped the body in a pit latrine. Ssekamate had originally been sentenced in 1999 to what used to be a mandatory death sentence by Justice Monica Mugenyi of the High Court.

However, upon mitigation before the same judge and after the Supreme Court had declared the word “mandatory” in capital offences as unconstitutional, his sentence was converted to 32 years imprisonment recently, considering the circumstances under which he murdered his own son Ronald Kayiwa, according to New Vision.