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Another Muslim leader shot dead in Uganda


SomaNet News Archive

Another muslim leader has been killed in Uganda, Daily Monitor reported on Tuesday that shortly after his Tarawih prayers at Dar-tal-alim al-islamiya in Rubaga, Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kiirya, was on Tuesday attacked and shot dead by unknown assailants on a bodaboda motor cycle.

Sources say the-49-year-old spokesperson of Kibuli Muslim faction was gunned down in Bweyogerere, a Kampala suburb as he was returning home.According to eye witnesses, Sheikh Kiirya was shot along with three other people who are currently battling for their lives at Mulago National Referral Hospital. He was attacked shortly after crossing the road to buy some passion fruits.

Sheikh Kiirya had earlier informed Uganda Police that he feared for his life after a number of Muslim clerics were killed in related incidents by unknown assailants.

According to police, Sheikh Kirya was attacked at around 10pm as he returned to his home in Bweyogerere after dropping off one of his security officer who stays in Kireka police barracks.

"We had given him close body protection; all round security by some of our best officers under the VIP protection who had been moving with him and all the other associates in that vulnerable situation. At around 9:30, he offered to drop the body guard who stays in our barracks in Kireka. After dropping him, he was driving to his home in Bweyogerere where he was attacked and shot dead," said Mr Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, .

Sheikh Kiirya is survived by three wives and four children.