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Two Ugandans arrested in Kenya in connection with terrorism


SomaNet News Archive

Two Ugandan nationals, Malcom Lukwiya and Emmanuel were arrested July 1 in Kenya in connection with a syndicate which is recruiting youth to join Syria’s ISIS terrorists, Kenyan police said according to Sunday Monitor.

Sunday Monitor says the pair were arrested at a hideout in Kabete, in Kenyan capital Nairobi, after allegedly sneaking into the country following the killing of a top Muslim cleric Sheikh Hassan Kirya in their home country.

They are believed to be trained assassins involved in the killing of other prominent people, the Kenya police said in an affidavit presented in court in Kenya.The police said an analysis of their phone call data revealed that they have been in constant communication with two known recruiters hiding in Tanzanian and Sudan.

“The suspects are connected with a syndicate that is recruiting youth in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania who then go to Syria to join Isis, they are connected with one Sebit, a Ugandan who is in Juba, South Sudan, a known recruiter who has been in constant contact with them,” ATPU’s Sergeant Ezekiel Luley told the court.

“A suspect Ssenabulia Rajab an Alliance Democratic Front fighter has been arrested in connection with the killing of the Sheikh and by the records of their phone call data it is noted that they have been in constant communication,” the ATPU officer said in the affidavit.