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Ugandan Muslims to celebrate Eid today


SomaNet News Archive

Ugandan Muslims are today expected to converge at the various mosques to celebrate Eid el-Fitr, Uganda’s Daily Monitor reported Friday morning.The office of the Kibuli-based Supreme Mufti  reportedly confirmed Thursday that Muslims will celebrate Eid el-Fitr today(Friday).

Daily Monitor says by press time yesterday, the director of sharia was also yet to announce according to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council spokesperson, Hajj Nsereko Mutumba. Sheikh Mahmoud Kibaate, the acting Supreme Mufti of the rival Kibuli Muslim faction commended the Muslims for fasting and called upon them to turn up in big numbers for the Eid Swallah (prayers).

“I take this opportunity to thank all Muslims in Uganda for fasting and I pray hard that Allah accepts our fasting. I therefore call upon all Muslims to go to the mosques and attend the Eid Swallah,” he said yesterday at their offices in Kampala.

Call for zakat
“We are not going to look out for the moon to show but we have reached the fifth Juma in Ramadan,” he added. Sheikh Kibaate called upon the Muslims to pay Zakat El-fitr as a way of purifying their fasting to be acknowledged by Allah. 

“Zakat el-fitr is aimed at purifying our fasting and giving the needy what to eat on Eid,” he said.He further urged Muslims to keep up the good behaviour they have been exhibiting in this season.
Sheikh Kibaate prayed for the souls of the departed Muslim clerics. The sheikh also called upon the Muslims to participate in the forthcoming election, urging them to vote for people who will promote Muslim issues.