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U.S grants Kenya over U.S $ 90 million in aid to fight against Al-Shabaab


SomaNet News Archive

The Kenyan Defence Force will receive approximately Us $ 91.5 million or Sh9.5 billion in aid this financial year to enhance the fight against Al-Shabaab, Daily Monitor said Wednesday adding that money will be used to buy equipment, train soldiers and support the Kenya military in Somalia and the fight against Al-Shabaab.

Out of the total sum, about approximately U.S $ 57 million or Sh5.9 billion will go to Amisom, of which Kenya is a part. The money is for enhancing “manoeuvre and border force, counter-improvised explosive devices, intelligence and logistics”.

Daily nation says the aid will also help Kenya soldiers identify and target Al-Shabaab terrorists and respond to attacks effectively. The money would also buy military aircraft. The military said that about Sh1.9 billion would be used to buy drones and unmanned aerial systems for spying on land and sea, while another Sh2.52 billion would support the Kenyan Ranger Regiment.

The surveillance equipment the military is expected to buy has been described as virtually undetectable and is equipped with video cameras which can be monitored from a remote location. They also do not require a runway to launch.

According to a security assistance monitor document released on July 21, just three days ahead of the arrival of US President Barack Obama in Nairobi, this year’s allocation is a 163 per cent increase compared to the Sh3.8 billion given last year.

The security assistance monitor is part of the Centre for International Policy, which tracks and analyses US security and defence assistance worldwide by collecting publicly available government data.The July report found that in 2010, Kenya received Sh2.4 billion, while in 2011 and 2012, it received Sh2.3 billion and Sh2.08 billion respectively.

However, according to the Global Terrorism Database, there was a rapid rise in the number of terrorist attacks in the country, from 11 in 2010 to 115 in 2014.