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Uganda-South Sudan border dispute displaces 400 people


SomaNet News Archive

The Ugandan army has said more than 400 people in Uganda’s Lamwo district have fled their homes due to rising tension resulting from border dispute between Uganda and South Sudan. Daily Monitor reported Wednesday that about 200 armed South Sudanese soldiers reportedly entered nine kilometres into Uganda and put a boundary demarcation at River Limu in Lokung Sub-County last Friday. 

According to reports, the displaced are said to be stranded without basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter and are living in fear of being abducted or killed. Others are now staying with friends and relatives. 

The UPDF 5th Division spokesperson, Lt George Musinguzi, has confirmed the development. “We have been invaded by South Sudanese and they have entered into Uganda by 9kms,” Lt Musinguzi told Daily Monitor on Monday.

He added: “Women and children are suffering in the camps here at Ngomoromo.”South Sudanese soldiers are claiming the area is theirs and are threatening to extend it up to 14kms into Lamwo again. Lt Musinguzi estimated the attackers to be between 200 and 300.  “When our people tried to talk to them, they refused and instead gave us only three days to evacuate the area,” he said.

He said UPDF was doing everything possible to protect the territorial integrity of Uganda as enshrined in the Constitution, according to Daily Monitor.“We have deployed our troops at the border, we are serious and more forces are coming in. If they don’t retreat by tomorrow (Tuesday), we are going to attack them,” he warned.