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In the wake of a massacre of 147 students at Garissa University College in Kenya by Somali militants, Uganda police has reportedly received "credible" intelligence information that the Somali based Al-Shabaab militant group is planning imminent attacks on schools, colleges and universities on Jinja-Kampala highway, reports the New vision.

According to Uganda’s Inspector General of Police (IGP), Gen. Kale Kayihura, the terror threat posed by Al-Shabaab is real as Ugandans prepare to enjoy their Easter holiday. Uganda’s IGP has called for increased vigilance by members of the public to augment the already enhanced security deployment.

"We have credible information that Al-Shabaab intends to attack schools, colleges and universities along Jinja-Kampala highway. This calls for increased vigilance by everyone if we are to remain on top of the situation," Uganda’s Inspector General of Police told the press on Friday.

Responding to qustions on the source of the intelligence reports, Uganda’s police chief said: "It's not important. But what is important is that the information is credible."

Last week, the United States warned of possible attacks in Kampala on areas that are routinely patronized by foreign nationals.

Uganda’s police chief however warned that Al-Shabaab might be placing a red herring by indicating possible attacks on educations institutions along Jinja-Kampala highway, only to launch a grisly attack on another part of the country.

The police chief added that the terror alert was in respect to all education institutions, churches, mosques, entertainment places, shopping malls, commercial buildings and other public places that attract mammoth crowds.

"There will be enhanced security deployment in all parts of the country. I think you have already seen this," Kayihura said.

The police boss also used the impromptu press briefing to urge education institutions to activate security committees as required by the basic standards for education institutions.

These committees, Kayihura said, will liaise with security agencies to routinely review security situation in such institutions with government security agencies in order to help to secure them.

"Any school, college or institution that fails in this regard will be sanctioned because this is a requirement by ministry of education," Kayihura said.( Source: New Vision)