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Kenya: 4 school boys aged 13 and 16 arrested over terrorism threats

(By Bonny Apunyu)

Kenyan police in Isiolo on Monday arrested four schoolboys for allegedly threatening  to attack a school with terrorism motives, The Daily Nation reported on Tuesday.

Isiolo County Commissioner Wanyama Musiambo reportedly said the boys, are aged between 13 and 16 were arrested on Monday evening and the investigating officers were making progress in their investigations.

Liberia: Thousands celebrate as Liberia declared Ebola Free

(By Bonny Apunyu)

After Liberia was officially given the all clear from Ebola that has killed more than 4,700 people, thousands of Liberians reportedly gathered Monday to celebrate the end of Ebola.

Uganda’s New Vision reported on Tuesday that Liberia’s government declared a public holiday to allow pupils and workers take part in a festival in the capital Monrovia featuring traditional dance and contemporary music.

Students reportedly sang joyfully and waved placards with slogans including "bye bye Ebola", "we are the winner" and "we will always overcome".

Burundi: Over 50,0000 flee due to election violence-UN

(By Estera Popowska)

More than 50,0000 people have fled Burundi in fear to neighboring countries during the last several weeks, UN Refugee Council (UNHCR) has said warning that the numbers may increase.

Fighting between Burundian police and protesters reportedly erupted in mid-April after Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza, who has been in power since 2005, announced he was planning to seek a third term. Opponents say this violates the terms of the 2000 Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement that limits the president to two terms.

Burundi: President Nkurunziza registers to run for 3rd term in office

(Bonny Apunyu)

Defying protesters who have taken to the streets in recent days over his bid to stay in office, Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza has registered to run for a third term, CNN reported Saturday.

According to CNN’s report, Burundi's constitutional court ruled this week that President Nkurunziza is eligible because he was picked by parliament, not elected by people, during his first term.

Sine last month, violent and deadly protests have hit Burundi  as President Pierre Nkurunziza seeks to extend his 10-year rule.

Burundi: U.S warns leaders of election violence may face sanctions

(By Bonny Apunyu)

The United States Ambassador to Burundi on Friday cautioned individuals behind the continued protests against a third term bid by President Nkurunziza, may face sanctions from The United States.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power reportedly warned that Washington is ready to take a firm stance against those behind recent street fighting in Burundi's capital.

Rwanda: Netherlands announces € 44.9 million in development grant to Rwanda

(By Estera Popowska)

Rwanda will receive a total of 44.9 million euro in  grants from Netherlands for  Water Resource Management and education, Xinhua reported Friday.

The grant, which was reportedly announced by Netherlands on Thursday will have its biggest share go to Water Resource Management while the balance 10 million euro will go to Rwanda's education sector under the Netherlands Initiative for Capacity Building in Higher Education (NICHE 2), 

Kenya: 16 Al-Shabaab suspects arrested in a mosque in Marsabit County

(By Estera Popowska)

Kenyan police on Thursday arrested sixteen Al-Shabaab suspects in a mosque in Kenya’s Marsabit County, Daily Nation reported Friday. According to reports, a Kenyan official from Marsabit , Mark Wanjala said the suspects are Muslim preachers, were arrested in Karare.

Kenya’s Police were  reportedly tipped off by informants, who said they did not recognise the preachers. They are said to have arrived in the area three days ago. The suspects, arrested at 5pm on Thursday, were said to be from Eastleigh in Nairobi, Marsabit, Sololo, Moyale and Isiolo.

Burundi: 3 more people killed in continued protests against president Nkurunziza

(By Estera Popowska)

As protests against the third term of  Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza entered  the tenth day, three people were reportedly killed on Thursday  in three separate incidents witnesses said.

According to Xinhua, two of those killed died in two different neighborhoods in the Burundian capital Bujumbura while the third one died at Gisozi in the province of Mwaro, some 50 km east of the Burundian capital Bujumbura.

Burundi: President Nkurunziza confirms third term bid despite protests

(By Estera Popowska)

Defying international pressure to refrain from trying to extend his rule, Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza insisted Wednesday he would run for a controversial third term in elections set for June, AFP reported.

“If the people of Burundi put their trust in us, it will be the last mandate I seek, as determined by the Constitutional Court,” Nkurunziza said in a televised speech.

President Nkurunziza  reportedly said holding an election was “the only solution” to the crisis triggered by his bid to prolong his 10-year tenure.