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Sweden wins 2015 Eurovision contest beating Russia


SomaNet News Archive

(By Bonny Apunyu)

This years’ Eurovision contest was won by Swedish singer Mans Zelmerlow after scooping the top spot in Vienna, reporters said Sunday. According to BBC, Swedish singer Zelmerlow won beating Russia's Polina Gagarina with his upbeat pop track Heroes, which was accompanied by innovative animated visuals

Italy took the third, followed by Belgium. Australia finished fifth in the country's first Eurovision appearance. According to reports, arecord number of countries took part, including Australia - which was invited to compete for the first time to mark the event's 60th anniversary.

BBC compiled the top 5 finalists

            1. Sweden. Mans Zelmerlow - Heroes. 365 points

            2. Russia. Polina Gagarina - A Million Voices. 303

            3. Italy. Il Volo - Grande Amore. 292

            4. Belgium. Loic Nottet - Rhythm Inside. 217

            5. Australia. Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again. 196