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Somalia Stability Fund welcomes European Union as new donor


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Somalia Stability Fund welcomes European Union as new donor

​​​27tth May 2015 – The Somalia Stability Fund welcomes the European Union its seventh international donor with a commitment of €5 million ($6.2 million). The European Union joins the Stability Fund's pioneer donors: the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, UAE and Norway, as well as Sweden which joined the Stability Fund in 2014.   

"This announcement demonstrates how the European Union and the Somalia Stability Fund are working together to help realise Somalia's Vision 2016". Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein, the Ministry of Interior and Federalism.

"I welcome the European Union to the Stability Fund.  It will allow the Stability Fund to expand its operations to key districts such as Barawe.  And it will enable the Stability Fund to further support the new interim administrations including the administration that we hope to see formed from the Central Regions state formation process" said the Director of the Somalia Stability Fund.

The European Union's contribution will be used to help the Federal Government of Somalia rebuild local government, infrastructure and livelihoods in newly accessible districts in South Central Somalia.  It will also support the creation and establishment of Somalia's emerging interim administrations such as the Interim Jubbaland Administration and the Interim South West Administration. The precise use of the fund will be determined with the communities and government entities concerned, but is likely to include rehabilitated roads, airstrips, water points and markets; building government buildings and institutions including management of public finances; and state formation and reconciliation processes.

The Somalia Stability Fund is a multi-donor fund which supports peace and stability in Somalia. It was announced in 2012, and became fully operational in 2014. It is designed to strengthen local stability, improve the co-ordination of international support and enhance its delivery, in accordance with the New Deal for Engagement in Fragile States. The Fund's objectives are to:

  • Support representative and responsive local governance; and
  • Support the resolution and mitigation of conflicts.