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Somalia: Respected Somali scholar criticizes Kenya’s decision to freeze assets


SomaNet News Archive

(By Estera Popowska)
A well respected Somali Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal has criticized Kenya government for its decision to freeze his assets calling it ‘astonishing’, Garowe Online reported Monday.

While clearly distancing himself from allegations of maintaining links with Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab group, Sheikh Umal reportedly said,“It is really wonder that Kenya has frozen my assets and accused me of giving Al Shabaab a support,” adding that he has long preached against Al Shabaab ideology.

Umal reportedly spoke to the media in Nairobi that “the decision will stun everybody let alone me, because I am known for my firm stance over Al Shabaab, Umal, one of the most popular clerics in East Africa set up functioning businesses in Nairobi, and issued Fatwas declaring Somali militant group ‘Heretic’.

Last week, Kenyan government imposed sanctions on 86 accounts of people suspected to be funding Al Shabaab activities (Source: Garowe online)