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Kenya: Al Shabaab militants storm mosques in Garissa, threaten worshippers


SomaNet News Archive

(By Apunyu Bonny)

A day after Ethiopian soldiers crossed to Kenya, heavily armed suspected  Al Shabaab militia stormed two mosques in Kenya’s Ijara Sub-county in Garissa on Tuesday night, Standard Digital reported Friday.

According to reports, the gangs forced worshippers to listen for two hours to their tirade against the Kenya government before disappearing into a nearby forest.Standard Digital said the incident happened a day after Ethiopian soldiers armed with AK-47 rifles crossed into Kenya aboard 10 vehicles and took over a police station in North Horr.

In the Tuesday night incident, the Somali militia forced worshippers at two mosques in Tumtish and Kabasalo villages to listen to their fiery ideology and reportedly read out names of alleged spies and traitors during the ordeal that began at 6p.m.