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Somalia: 20 killed as government claims victory over Al-Shabaab in Bakol region-local media


SomaNet News Archive

According to local media in Somalia, the federal government of Somali claimed it has inflicted heavy casualties on Al-Shabaab fighters in a fierce fighting that erupted in parts of Bakol region on Wednesday, wargeyska reported on Thursday.

According to wargeyska online news, Hudur district commissioner Mohamed Moallim said 16 Al-Shabaab fighters were killed in the clashes in Burdhuhun and Kulan Jarer villages near Tiyeglow.Mohamed  reportedly said dozens of miltants were also captured or injured during the operation that is aimed at liberating Al-Qaeda linked group from the region.

Somali government forces conducting the military operation in Bakol are backed by Ethiopian troops that are part of the African Union Mission in Somalia. But, more than 20 combatants from both sides are confirmed to have died in Wednesday’s fighting.