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Somalia: War forcing Yemeni people to flee to Somalia

(By Estera Popowska)
Intense fighting has mounted in the past weeks between Saudi fighters and rebels, a situation, which is reportedly now forcing some Yemenis to flee by sea to Somalia,
CNN news reported that the Saudi-led "Operation Decisive Storm" has not yet been decisive.

Many airstrikes have targeted Houthi positions in and around the port of Aden, where militia known as Popular Committees and some army units hostile to the Houthis are holding out against the rebels.

Somalia: President declares Dhusamareb Central State capital

(By Bonny Apunyu)
Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has declared Dhusamareb as Central State capital city in a move that analysts say may deepen the already turbulent political crisis in a region known for clan rivalry, Garowe Online reports.

Somali president, Mohamud who reportedly paid his fourth visit to the region on Wednesday has been struggling to bring the political standoffs to an end as rival clans in the region are at odds over the venue for the upcoming central state formation convention.

Somalia: Military court hands death sentences to killers of pop Somali singer

A Somali military court in Mogadishu on Monday sentenced to death, two killers of popular Somali singer, Sado Ali Warsame, Garowe Online reports.
According to reports, Shu’ayb Ibrahim Mahdi, 27 and Farah Ali Abdi, 30-were convicted of killing five officials including Warsame in separate incidents in volatile Mogadishu.

Puntland: Intelligence Director hands over office ending deadlock

In what has put to an end to a month-long deadlock, Puntland Intelligence Director Abdi Hassan Hussein (Abdi Yare) handed over oath to the newly appointed successor Abdirizak Isse Hussein (Khaatumi) on Monday afternoon, Garowe Online reports.

Accoring to reports, Puntland Government officials including Security Minister Hassan Osman Allore, Army Commander-in-Chief Gen. Saed Mohamed Hirsi (Saed Dhere), parliamentarians and traditional leaders attended a well-organized event held in the state capital of Garowe.


Following repeated attacks on Kenyan soils by al shabab, including the recent massacre of over 147 people on a Kenyan University, three Kenyan Members of Parliament including an ex- Deputy Prime Minister on Saturday called for the withdrawal of the Kenya Defense Forces from Somalia, reports Shaban Makokha of the Star.

According to news reports, the Kenyan law makers said withdrawal of the Kenya Defense Forces from Somalia will save Kenya from further attacks from al Shabaab.


Following an Al Qaeda attack on a prison in the Yemeni city of Mukallah, convicted Somali pirates were freed and now Garowe Online reports that the Somali Pirates have arrived back in Puntland.

On Saturday afternoon, Mahdi Isse, Speaking on VOA Somali Service said he was serving a sentence in the prison after he was convicted of taking part in high sea crime off the coast of Somalia.