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Madrid Airport guards seize US $ 50,000 from Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother


SomaNet News Archive

(By Bonny Apunyu)

Real Madrid football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother was told to hand over €45,000 ($50,220) after Civil Guard officers discovered the money in her hand luggage, Eurosport reported Monday.Dolores Aveiro, 61 was reportedly carrying money way over the €10,000 limit that passengers are allowed to carry in cash without declaring to customs.

Eurosport quoted Spanish newspaper El Mundo as saying Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, who lives between her native Madeira and Madrid, had the cash confiscated after being unable to prove its origin.

A spokesman for the Civil Guard in Madrid reportedly  said: "This woman was stopped and money she was carrying taken and handed over to the Spanish tax authorities along with a report filed by the Civil Guard.

"She will now have to answer to the tax authorities. My understanding is she will be asked to pay a fine and will have to justify the origin of the money if she wants it back. It’s not a matter that we’ll get involved in."

Europsort quoted a spokesman for the Agencia Tributaria, Spain’s equivalent of the Inland Revenue, as saying: "We can’t comment on individual cases."We can confirm though that the limit on moving cash or cash equivalents to and from Spain is €10,000 and anything over that amount must be declared using the correct form." If Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother cannot prove the origin of the money, she will have to pay a fine to recover the remaining funds.

Eurosport says the regulations are in place to prevent money laundering, something Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother may not have been aware of.