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Australia: Former model Sharky Jama killed in Syria after joining Islamic State


SomaNet News Archive

(By Bonny Apunyu)
An Australian man and former model Sharky Jama has been killed in Syria after joining Islamic State militants last year, Herald Sun reported Wednesday.According to agencies, the former model’s death was confirmed by his father to SBS Radio Somali broadcaster Ibrahim Mohamed after he reportedly received a phone call on Monday, that his son had been shot.

Press reports say Sharky Jama, who adopted a new name when he fled after swapping his modeling career for the Islamic State, was reportedly shot in Syria, but he was believed to be living in the Iraqi city of Fallujah, which is held by Isis militants.

Meanwhile, condolences have been posted on Facebook, where Jama’s friends have been mourning his death. “Allah bless your soul,” a cousin, Habiba Warsame, on Facebook under a photo of Jama. “All them beautiful memories and time we shared I shall keep dear to my heart.”

The Herald Sun reported that the former model, who was connected to Sydney street Dawah preacher Abdul Salam Mahmoud and self-styled sheik Junaid Thorne , used Facebook posts to describe his “dreams of entering paradise.

“When I am asleep, I dream of jannah, when I am awake I fight to see its gates and when I am in sujood I pray for protection from the blazing fire,” he said. “Jannah (paradise), so close” (Source: The Guardian and Herald Sun).