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U.S: Plane carrying 76 people makes emergency landing in Buffalo as cabin door opens during flight


SomaNet News Archive

(Estera Popowska)
A SkyWest flight Embraer E170 aircraft operating as United Express made an emergency landing Wednesday in Buffalo after a cabin door reportedly opened, causing rapid decompression, sources said.

According to press reports, SkyWest said in a statement that “SkyWest Flight 5622, operating as United Express from Chicago to Hartford, diverted to Buffalo, NY after a passenger lost consciousness,” adding that “The flight landed safely in Buffalo, where the passenger received medical attention before being released.”

The Embraer E170 aircraft , carrying 76 passengers reportedly took off from Chicago's O'Hare Airport around 10 a.m. and landed in Buffalo shortly before noon.

According to NBC News a cabin door opened causing a loss of cabin pressure, but SkyWest reportedly declined to respond to that question.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the crew abroad the flight reported a cabin pressure problem before landing in Buffalo. The FAA was investigating.
The plane descended 28,000 feet in three minutes.

Mary Schiavo, a CNN aviation analyst reportedly said “It would feel like a roller coaster , when you're coming over the top and you're going down,” adding that “you know that these pilots knew they were in a very grave and very serious situation.”-(Agencies)